ChatBlade Licensing

ChatBlade is generally licensed on a per game basis. A license handles a single title on all platforms (PC, XBox One, PS4, Mac, etc.) and includes any expansion packs for that game.

ChatBlade charges no royalties and imposes no logo or branding requirements.

Each Full-license includes free upgrades to future versions of ChatBlade released within 1 year of the license.

ChatBlade ships as C++ Source Code and includes full documentation and sample code and applications.

If your company produces middleware and wants to include ChatBlade, or if you wish to license ChatBlade in other ways, please contact us.

If needed, we can offer flexible licensing terms for companies with more limited resources.

ChatBlade Pricing

An Evaluation license can also be requested for free, which allows a company 30-days (extendable) to evaluate ChatBlade and see if it is suitable for their product.

To License ChatBlade write us at:

We look forward to helping you make great games!


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